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Burna Boy Defends Davido Against Dammy Krane’s Allegations, Calls For Peace



Afrobeat superstar Burna Boy has intervened in the ongoing feud between Davido and Dammy Krane, urging Dammy to take down his allegations against Davido regarding the late Tagbo Umeike’s death.

In a social media post, Dammy Krane accused Davido of being responsible for Tagbo’s demise, claiming he had evidence to support his claims. However, Burna Boy has cautioned Dammy against spreading hate and insensitive remarks, especially considering the sensitive nature of the topic.

“Bro, what are you doing? Take this down now! Let’s not have a problem, my friend. We don’t handle differences like this. We both know how it feels to be locked up; why wish that on anyone? I have love for you, but I don’t stand for this kind of behavior. Take all this down, please,” Burna Boy wrote.

Dammy Krane responded, insisting he was fighting for justice and preventing more industry deaths. “Blood doesn’t flow until something happens to my enemy; that’s when I call the police. That’s how they killed Mohbad. You know the matter, @burnaboy. Evil prevails when good people refuse to speak up. After God, it’s the government,” he added.

Burna Boy’s intervention aims to promote peace and unity in the music industry, urging artistes to handle their differences amicably. The feud between Davido and Dammy Krane has sparked a heated debate, with many calling for an end to the hate and negativity. As the situation unfolds, fans and fellow artists alike hope for a resolution and a return to the music that brings them together.

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