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Christian Hope Is Not Wishful Thinking – Pastor Anago

By GWG Religion Editor




Abuja Cleric Ifeanyi Anago has charged Christians against building hope and aspirations on false assumptions outside the declared word of God.

Delivering the sermon at the Sunday Service at the Hospital Chapel, National Hospital, Abuja Pastor Anago charged that the Christian hope was built on the realism of God’s word.

Introducing the theme of the third quarter of the church, Realistic Hope, Barrister Anago opined that the context of the theme meant that not every hope espoused by a man could be realizable.

In that vein, the cleric went on to articulate factors that make the hope of man to be realizable. reports that Anago who drew his anchor text from Psalm 119:49 said:

“For the child of God, every realistic hope is based on the word of God spoken to you. Every hope that is realistic must be anchored on God’s word. You have no right to expect the fulfillment of any hope that you cannot find in God’s word.”

“Realistic, realizable hope is anchored on God’s word. The foundation on which I expect God’s promise to come to pass is located in God’s character and His nature. So, your hope has to be anchored on ‘Thus Says the Lord,’’ Pastor Anago said. reports that the cleric then went on to assert the foundation of what made hope in God to be realizable against the vagaries of the fundamentals in the world system.

Anago, also a surveyor, then took a survey of the world system including the constellation of stars and their smallness before God.


Upon the brevity of the world system in the hands of God, Surv. Anago submitted “no matter how big my problem is, it is smaller than my God. The God we are dealing with is superlatively available to deal with your problem.”

The preacher then drew from several biblical illustrations to project the ascendancy of hope built on God’s word over the fundamentals of nature.

Reading from Rom 4:18 and Genesis 13:14 he projected the case of Abraham who believed God against hope of being a father of many nations on the fact of what God told him.

Remarkably, Pastor Anago drew his audience to the fact that God made the promise to Abram only after the distraction of Lot had been removed.

Just as God told Abraham to look around him towards unseen boundaries as his inheritance, Barrister Anago told his audience to also look around their present positions to build hope.

“You also can see the magnitude of God’s promises to you from where you are standing if you can look round about you.

“God spoke to Abraham and made some stupendous and almost impossible promises.”

In a pointer to the necessity of building memorials and landmarks as signposts towards the realization of God’s hope, Surv. Anago observed that Abram built altars as points of remembrance to reassure him of his interface with God.

He thus encouraged Christians to build altars and also enthrone the Holy Spirit in their hearts to guide them toward the hope they have.

He, however, drew home the reality that Abram as a human being also had doubts cascading to the doubt as to the prospects of his inheritance being taken over by his steward in Gen 15:3.

As Anago said, “realistic hope is neither wishful thinking nor is it a denial of reality.”

He therefore expressed displeasure of Christians who deny the reality speaking Chrsitianese as so-called on their situations.

“I am rich, therefore give me money for transport. I am healthy that’s why I didn’t come to work,” Anago echoed even as he recalled the ‘Daniel’ of Ibadan who drew national headlines many years ago after he ventured into the den of lions in the University of Ibadan Zoo to assert his faith.

Pastor Anago said that realistic hope means facing reality in the light of God’s promises.

He said hope fails when there is no link with the word of God. He shared an early lesson from a senior man of God who told him that in building his hope the first thing he does is to align whatever he desires by searching out the word of God to find if it fits with. He said the man told him that once he finds a word that fits, nothing then stops him.

“There must be a concrete expression of the mind of God on which you are hanging your hope,” he submitted.

Anago hope
Dr and Mrs Prosper Okonkwo

He also dismissed as unrealistic any hope that is built on selfish assumptions.

Noting that the Christian has been bought with the price of the Blood of Jesus, Barrister Anago said:

“You are bought, somebody bought you for a price and that price cannot be reimbursed so we are primarily His. So when my desire is selfish and not founded on the desire of the purchaser, we know that that desire is not realizable.” reports that Anago while reiterating the point that believers should locate their hope in the word of God also charged that they should know the nature of the promisor who they are hanging on to.

He described how Moses was able to turn himself into a god unto Pharoh after an encounter with God leading to the fact that like God, Moses no longer spoke directly to Pharoh but through a prophet, Aaron. reports that the service was interspersed with worship, teachings and a testimony from Dr and Mrs Prosper Okonkwo of God’s grace in saving the life of their daughter-in-law from a medical challenge.

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