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Daniel Regha Calls Out Davido Over Custody Battle With Sophia Momodu



Twitter personality and critic Daniel Regha has weighed in on the ongoing custody battle between Davido and Sophia Momodu, reacting to Dele Momodu’s recent revelations about the situation.

Dele Momodu had taken to Instagram to address the issue, revealing that Sophia has been solely responsible for their daughter Imade’s welfare, and that Davido’s family had attempted to resolve the issue by involving his father and uncle. However, Daniel Regha has called out Davido for neglecting his parental responsibilities, questioning why his father should be footing Imade’s bills.

“Davido’s dad reportedly paid for Imade’s outstanding school fees for several sessions & salaries of a nanny, according to Dele Momodu. Isn’t that parental neglect on Davido’s part? Why should his dad be footing Imade’s bills?” Daniel Regha tweeted.

He also commended Sophia for rejecting the family house gift and requesting that Davido pay half of the accommodation costs, stating that it was a fair request. Daniel Regha further questioned why Sophia would move into a family apartment when she and Davido are not legally married, citing the potential awkwardness of the situation.

“There’s no reason to live in Davido’s family apartment since both ain’t legally married; that’s awkward. What if she wants to bring a new man home while they’re around or chooses to pursue a romantic relationship with someone else? Let’s call a spade a spade,” he added.

See his post below;

The custody battle between Davido and Sophia Momodu has been ongoing since 2023, with both parties trading accusations and counter-accusations. The situation has sparked a wider conversation about parental responsibility and the rights of single parents.
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