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Woman Reacts As Her Mysterious ‘Wednesday Visitor’ Falls From Ceiling (Video)

By Gideon Ayeni



A viral video has sparked outrage and debate online, showing a woman proudly displaying a dead cat she claims she killed after it fell from her ceiling. According to the unidentified woman, the cat would regularly visit her room every Wednesday, causing her disturbance. On this particular day, she attempted to kill the cat but got injured in the process, alleging that the cat dragged her and injured her with its claw.

Watch the video below;

However, the video has generated widespread condemnation, with many netizens criticizing the woman for killing an innocent animal. Many commented that the cat likely meant no harm and was simply seeking refuge or food. Some even warned the woman that if she were to attempt such an act abroad, she could face legal consequences, unlike in Africa where animals are often viewed as expendable.

Read some netizens’ reactions below;

@victor: Poor innocent cat if it should be in Europe this cat should have been adopted by this woman but here May the little cat so resting peace, please information to another cat stop intruded people’s privacy in Africa to avoid being killed like this your brother here

@elhuncho: Normal things dey sup make una forget backwardness. Even white people don dey do juju So no dey take anything strange lightly. Cat can be used as a bait to destroy someone’s life. Make person not dey sleep in important things

@bangertweet: Go try this thing for oyinbo land if u no go go jail🤨 if ur ceiling no open how e won take enter?

@noble_review: If na for USA this one don go prison since

@mariafanpage3: The ceiling was the cats house. It had no evil potency.

@billionmore: Na Nigerian movies I blame. They made us believe in witches more than the power of God

@dammyfrosh18: Make she go try am for Europe.

@harunaabdulha20: This is one of the reasons y we are soo backwards,

@erujeje20: Poor cat. Eyah .. cat wey just dey play

@spiritganger: Cat wey dey find food. Lol 😒

The incident has raised questions about animal welfare and the treatment of stray animals in society. While some defended the woman’s actions, citing cultural or traditional beliefs, many others argued that killing an animal without just cause is unacceptable and cruel.

The video has sparked a heated discussion on social media, highlighting the need for greater empathy and understanding towards all living creatures. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact the wider conversation on animal rights and welfare.
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