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Alexer Peres, Harrysong’s Estranged Wife Deletes Suic!de Post, Explains Herself



Alexer on Harrysong's

Alexer Peres, the estranged wife of popular singer Harrysong, has broken her silence after a disturbing social media post sparked concerns about her well-being. The post, which has since been deleted, featured a picture of a commonly used insecticide, accompanied by two sad emojis. While the post itself was not explicitly threatening, its implications were alarming, given the history of similar posts from individuals who have gone on to take their own lives.

In a new post on her Instagram page, Alexer expressed gratitude to those who reached out to check on her, assuring them that she is now fine. She revealed that she has faced numerous challenges, but this particular one hit her hard, and she felt overwhelmed. Alexer admitted that she had a moment of weakness, but thankfully, she has loved ones and fans who care about her.

“I want to thank everyone who reached out to check on me,” she wrote. “By the grace of God, I’m fine now. I’ve faced many challenges, but this one hit me hard, and I felt I couldn’t handle it. A lot went through my head in one second, but I thank God for having my loved ones and all of you. God bless you all. I’ve learned better and apologize for the post I made.”

This year has been particularly challenging for Alexer, whose marriage to Harrysong ended in a highly publicized divorce. The split was marked by accusations of infidelity and personal attacks, with Harrysong claiming that Alexer cheated on him during their marriage and while she was pregnant. Alexer responded with her own allegations, and the exchange quickly went viral.
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