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Cat, ‘Coco’ Trends Massively On X After Death, Sparks Mixed Reactions (video)



Coco (cat)

Coco, a cat, is currently trending on X after its owner, Busayo tweeted a heartbreaking video revealing the pain she is going through after losing it to death. 

The video captured the moment Busayo picked him up while he was still very little and frail.

The video captured the amazing transformation that happened to Coco after Busayo invested time and resources to give the cat a good life.

Busayo who posted the passing of Coco via a Special X account she created for it, cocoblack009, with over 5000 X followers, captioned the video, “In loving memory of Coco.”

Watch video below 👇

The passing of Coco is the first on the list of trending topics on X with over 3499 posts at the time of filing this report.

Reacting to the passing of coco, some netizens who love pets expressed their condolences while others reacted with sarcasms.

See some reactions below 👇

@abazwhyllzz said, “Jokes aside, that coco cat is really lucky that it found you, some people would have abandoned it like that but you did an awesome and amazing job taking care of him. Your sacrifices will not be in vain @Busayooo_b proud of you. coco will be very. We all loved and we will all miss you coco. RIP coco, LCND”

Chuks Ohax replied at @abazwhyllzz @cocoblack006, “I believe You and the Busayo are familiar with fufu?”

@The Barr Olut said, “You did a really good job with Coco, Busayo. Both in care and contents for his Twitter page. He turned from raggedy to healthy under your watch and care

“Coco brought much joy to many persons here. Especially the anticipation and of what animal it will turn out to be

“We’d miss Coco so much and I can only imagine how fond you’ve become of him.

This is goodbye. Rest in peace, Coco.”

 @iamlordbernie said, “Well, it was either you or Coco. You made the right choice.”

@Kingi.Josh reacted, “Coco is dead? I refuse to believe it, Coco and I were still texting and gisting yesterday about how he dreams of becoming a medical doctor when he grows up. It cannot be true.”

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@Flydrummerbol01 reacted, “I’m so heartbroken… I miss you coco can’t believe you are gone.”

@curise011-4h reacted, “I could not eat since I see this message farewell.”

@MissRozape said, “Police supposed invite you for questioning. Wetin u do Coco?”

@Shez_Weird said, “Coco you motivated me not to give up in this life no matter what

Rest well coco..”

@Iampelga_ said, “No be yesterday you talk say you don run away? Ehn coco?? Coco dahun nau. Why you dey use death chase clout. Coco?

Ishowleck I Õmõ ìyá pùpá  said, “Coco need a benefiting burial In loving memory. But wait oooo, have you confirmed from the doctor that it has dled or what?”

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