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Nigerian Woman Advises Against DNA Testing After Heartbreaking Experience (Video)



Married woman, DNA

A video showing a married woman crying while narrating a heartbreaking experience of the horrific aftermath of a DNA test requested by her husband has emerged online.

According to the woman, the result of the DNA test which was presented by her husband showed that all the three kids they have together are not his.

As a result, he asked her to pack out of their home.

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However, the married woman maintained that the DNA test is false and insisted that they should both go and see the doctor together.

As seen in the video, the distraught lady was calling out to Nigerians for help.

A caption she attached alongside the video contained a piece of advice which reads: “The DNA test is all lies. Please of you are married and your husband suggests a DNA test, don’t do it, this people are wicked.”

Watch video below 👇 reports that there’s been a surge of DNA testing among fathers, eager to confirm the paternity of their newborns. Sadly, investigations over time have revealed the 6 out of 10 Children turn out not to be theirs. This has unfortunately led to the end of many marriages.

According to McMichen, Cinami & Demps,  the accuracy of DNA tests depends on the testing facility handling the samples properly. And although it is rare, sometimes mistakes do happen, and a paternity test can come back with inaccurate results that may be disproven by another (correctly handled) test.

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