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AIT Presenter, Others Slam Nigerian Police and FG over Handling of Protester

By Gideon Ayeni



Suicide by mast in Abuja

AIT anchor Ijeoma Osamor has criticized the Nigerian police and federal government over the handling of a protester who climbed an Abuja mast to demand the restoration of fuel subsidy.

The protester, who climbed a broadcast mast and threatened to take his own life over fuel subsidies and insecurity, was arrested by the police after finally coming down from the mast.

Ijeoma Osamor took to social media to express her disapproval of the mast protester, saying: “I don’t think Nigerians understand this situation. A man is driven to the point of desperation, and instead of getting help, he gets arrested? ‘Kaiiii na like ds we go dey dey’?”

She argued that the authorities should have shown more compassion and understanding in dealing with the protester, rather than simply arresting him. Her comments have sparked a wider conversation about how Nigeria handles cases involving mental health and public protests.

Many social media users have joined in the discussion, sharing their own thoughts and experiences. Some have praised the presenter for speaking out, while others have defended the police and government’s actions. reports that the decision of Ijeoma Osamor to use her profile to project the issues and circumstances brought forward by the protester who climbed the mast may not have resonated with some but her intervention is nonetheless an adjoint to her career path of pushing forward what she may regard as good causes.
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