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Nollywood Veteran Hanks Anuku Joins Street Protest Against Hunger In Nigeria (Video)



In a powerful display of solidarity, veteran Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku was spotted participating in a street protest against the widespread hunger and hardship gripping Nigeria.

A viral video showed the actor waving the Nigerian flag and passionately decrying the scourge of hunger, chanting “hunger dey” (hunger is present) as onlookers watched with keen interest.

Watch the video below;

The protest, joined by many Nigerians, aimed to draw attention to the country’s dire economic situation, which has left countless citizens struggling to make ends meet. Hanks Anuku’s participation has sparked a mix of emotions, with many expressing dismay and sympathy for the veteran actor, who has given so much to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

“It’s a pitiable sight to see a veteran actor like Hanks Anuku speaking out against hunger,” said one social media user. “It shows how far-reaching the crisis is and how urgent action is needed.”

Hanks Anuku’s bold move has resonated with many, highlighting the need for collective action to address the nation’s pressing issues. As a respected figure in the entertainment industry, his involvement in the protest has amplified the voices of those affected, inspiring hope for a better future.

Read some netizens’ reactions below;

timeless_cyril : “This is really disheartening for a Nigerian nollywood actor to be crying for hunger”

ekua_paulla : “Is he not a citizen??? Protesting is his right leave celebrity life aside ….hunger dey”

iamkingsleychinedu ; “This is so commendable, we need more celebrities like him>>>😍😍”

veevogee : “This is commendable cos the way we’re all relaxed with whatever these people throw at us is al@rming.”

sandie_wills : “Is he trying to get into character for a role in a movie?”

starboy_hairs: “Y’all acting lik man isn’t standing up cus his a celebrity

But man is standing up for all.”
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