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War Against Pro-Tinubu Actress Escalates As Foes Drag Her To Netflix



The ongoing conflict between Nollywood actress and producer Toyin Abraham and her online detractors has escalated dramatically, with the star now facing severe backlash from Nigerians who have dragged the combat to Netflix.

This situation has intensified as numerous individuals are calling on Netflix to remove films by Toyin Abraham from its stable.

A social media user posted a screenshot of his complaint letter to Netflix, urging others to follow his lead. In the letter, he appealed to Netflix to boycott Toyin Abraham’s movies, citing the disheartening nature of her alleged mistreatment of others. He emphasized that such behavior contradicts the diverse and inclusive content that Netflix prides itself on. The netizen called on Netflix to take a strong stance against such actions, promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment for all viewers.

Influential Twitter user Danny Young added fuel to the fire by threatening mass reporting of Toyin’s Instagram page if certain demands were not met, including the release of an individual named Ayo allegedly arrested at Toyin Abraham’s behest. He also encouraged others to send emails to Netflix demanding the removal of Toyin’s content.

Reports from indicate that Toyin Abraham is currently trending on Twitter, now known as X, after being accused of having a social media user’s mother arrested. Responding to these allegations, Toyin clarified that while she is open to criticism and name-calling, she draws the line at false accusations and threats towards her children. She firmly denied arresting anyone’s mother, explaining that she merely reported an instance of cybercrime, exercising her rights as a citizen.

In an Instagram Live session, Toyin reiterated that she did not have anyone’s mother arrested. She stated that the bullying she is experiencing is a result of her support for another individual, insisting that she did not receive any payment for her support. She declared her determination to ensure that those who have bullied and defamed her face consequences, even if it costs her life.

Watch her speak in the video below;

This controversy to push Toyin Abraham out of Netflix follows a recent incident when the actress was alleged to have instigated the arrest of a cyberbully who allegedly defamed her and wished death upon her son. A source close to the arrested individual revealed that the police had traveled from Lagos to make the arrest.

Toyin Abraham’s public support for President Tinubu during the General Election has also contributed to the backlash. She has spoken out about the unprecedented level of trolling she has faced, noting that her critics went so far as to petition her sponsors and demand the removal of her films from Netflix. She described the intimidation, bullying, and insults she endured as a result of her political stance.

As this situation continues to unfold, Toyin Abraham’s response and the actions of her detractors highlight the complex and often harsh realities of public life and social media interactions in the digital age.
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