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2019: Another Western Intelligence Firm Says Buhari Will Lose




A New York, United States based intelligence firm, Teneo Intelligence has reported that President Muhammadu Buhari could lose the 2019 presidential election if the opposition is able to organize itself.

Bloomberg in a report said the intelligence firm based its assessment on the outcome of last Saturday’s governorship election in Osun State.

The report by the US intelligence firm follows reports by HSBC Bank that Buhari could lose the election and that a victory for him would jeopardize the economy.

Teneo in the report said:

“There is already a clear message sent from Osun State: provided the PDP remains united, and the vote is reasonably free and fair, Buhari and his APC are likely to lose the general election,” Malte Liewerscheidt, an analyst at Teneo, said.

HSBC Bank, a global financial organisation, had on its part said:

“A second term for Mr Buhari however raises the risk of limited economic progress and further fiscal deterioration, prolonging the stagnation of his first term, particularly if there is no move towards completing reform of the exchange rate system or fiscal adjustments that diversify government revenues away from oil.

“In the near term, however, the election impact is likely to be negative as increased political uncertainty precludes policy reforms, weighs on confidence, deters investment spending and restrains the growth outlook.”


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