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PDP Says APC’s Defence Of Buhari’s Failure In Killing Of Soldiers As Unpardonable



PDP Abia primary

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has described attempts by the All Progressives Congress, APC to defend President Muhammadu Buhari’s delayed reaction to the killing of more than 100 Nigerian soldiers as an unpardonable assault on the sensibility of Nigerians.

PDP spokesman, Kola Ologbondiyan in a statement on Tuesday berated the APC for allegedly trying to twist the facts concerning the massacre.

He said: “Why would the APC attempt to wave off revelations, which are already in the public domain, that officials of the Presidency are diverting funds meant for military equipment and welfare of our soldiers to finance Mr. president’s re-election campaign?

“If the APC were not jittery over revelations that it is a core beneficiary of this evil racket, why is it rushing to defend the Minister of Defence on findings that he diverted military funds to produce campaign materials for the APC including an electronic momento, with APC logo boldly inscribed on them?

“We challenge the APC to explain to Nigerians why it took President Buhari, as Commander-in-Chief, a whole week to express ‘shock’ over the killing of over 100 of our soldiers?

“What has the APC to say to the fact that instead of being at the forefront of investigations, our Minister of Defence was busy using military funds to produce campaign souvenirs for President Buhari and the APC?

“It is therefore an unpardonable assault on the sensibility of Nigerians for the APC to, in anyway, attempt to justify President Buhari’s negligence and inaction toward the welfare of our soldiers as well as the diversion of military fund for Mr. President re-election campaign at the expense of the lives of Nigerians.

“If the APC is not complicit in this heinous crime against our nation, we challenge it to join the PDP in demanding for a National Assembly inquest into the killing and the handling of anti-insurgency funds under President Buhari, instead of this resort to wicked hypocritical posturing.”

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