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Waje: Why I Will Forever Thank Benson Idahosa



–      Pays tribute to family for protecting her from pressure of marriage

–      Says she gets inspiration for songs in toilet

Popular multiple award winning songster, Waje has paid tribute to the late founder of Church of God Mission, and Nigeria’s first Pentecostal Archbishop, Benson Idahosa for the role he played in her early life.

Waje, real names Aituaje Iruobe in an interview also paid tribute to her family for protecting her from the pressure of marriage despite being of mature age.

The songster who adopted the name Waje as an acronym of her sobriquet, “Words Aren’t Just Enough” spoke of how she met the late Idahosa:

“Though I lived part of my life in Maroko, it is growing up in Benin that I remember the most. It was a very memorable period of my life.

“When I was in Junior Secondary School 3, I once gave a rendition in the school church and this attracted the attention of the late Bishop Benson Idahosa. He was so impressed that he gave me a scholarship which I enjoyed throughout my senior secondary school years. I remain grateful to him even in death.”

The single mother of one while responding to a question on how she was fending off pressures from relatives on marriage said:

“My family has been good to me in this regard; I do not get any kind of pressure from them. Instead, the pressure I get is from the society itself.

“The society believes that at the stage I am now, I should be in a certain space and that my music career shouldn’t be the only thing on my mind. They believe that by now I should be married.

“But what I believe is that there is time and chance for everything. Of course, I want to be in love and get married. Love is a beautiful thing and I look forward to it very much. But the truth is that marriage is not something anyone should rush into for the sake of it. Proper planning and direction from God should be sought.

“To be honest, people think that entertainers get love offers and proposals every day, but that is not the case. Finding a man or woman to love is not difficult but the fact is that you have to find that person that balances your life. Everything depends on what we want as individuals.

“I believe there is no time frame on when someone should settle down. I believe that God has a plan for everyone.”

On inspiration for her music, she said:

“Sometimes, I get my ideas when I am in the toilet. In such a place, great ideas come to me and I quickly reach for my phone to record them as voice notes.

“Also, some of my ideas come very early in the morning as soon as I wake up and just lay in bed. The day is fresh at that point, so also is my mind.”

Waje spoke in an interview with The Punch

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