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Akpabio Is Cooking Reasons To Justify Defection – Enoidem, PDP, Nat. Legal Adviser



CCB Akpabio

Mr. Emmanuel Enoidem, the national legal adviser of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has dismissed recent claims of non-performance against Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State by his predecessor, Senator Godswill Akpabio.

Enoidem said the former governor had been desperate to justify his defection from the PDP to the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Enoidem who served in the Akpabio government as a commissioner in an interview with newsmen in Uyo also justified his decision not to leave the PDP for the APC saying that the APC was strange to the people of his state.

On Akpabio’s defection, he said:

“He was looking for excuses. Let me tell you, Akpabio had no explanation to give for leaving PDP, apart from the fact that he wants to be in power at the federal level. They gave Akpabio Senate Minority leader in 2015, he never performed the function of that office for one day until he left on August, 8, 2018.”

“Akpabio was a governor for eight years and nobody controlled him from the outside. He should allow Udom Emmanuel to operate his government. Attah did not dictate to Godswill Akpabio as a governor, he did not. He should allow Udom Emmanuel to run his government.

“And one day in the house of the deputy governor Moses Ekpo when this thing was brewing in January 2018, and in the presence of the deputy governor I asked him, sir you were a governor, did you allow anybody to manipulate you? Why can’t you go and face the responsibility that God has put on your shoulder at the national?  You are no more a state leader; you are a national leader.

“I told him that so it cannot be any excuse of the governor not developing Ikot Ekpene. It is not Ikot Ekpene alone that is Akwa Ibom. There are other parts of Akwa Ibom that Akpabio did not have the opportunity to develop. Udom Emmanuel has to touch those areas. Even in Ikot Ekpene senatorial district to be objective Akpabio did not touch Ikono and Ini local government areas in his development strides.

“Yes, he performed as a governor, but he could not have touched everywhere. Governor Udom Emmanuel is touching those areas. Are they not in Ikot Ekpene senatorial district? Godswill Akpabio did not touch Oruk Anam but Governor Udom Emmanuel is doing a lot of things in Oruk Anam, is that not part of Ikot Ekpene senatorial district? 

“So it was not because Governor Udom Emmanuel is not touching in Ikot Ekpene senatorial district that he left, it cannot be. I can say and authoritatively, that Governor Udom Emmanuel has been a good successor to Godswill Akpabio, in all ramifications of the meaning of that responsibility. He has done it very well, I can testify to that. In terms of protection, he has offered him protection.

“The most important role of a successor is to cover the tracks of his predecessor. Governor Udom Emmanuel has discharged that responsibility more than any other person would have expected him to do to the extent of going to court to file a case to protect his predecessor.

“It is not everybody that can do that. In terms of continuing with his projects, for those that he could do he has done them, and there those he cannot convince himself to do just  like Akpabio could not convince himself to do the science park, Udom Emmanuel, has not convinced himself to continue with Akpabio projects. Those he convinced himself he is doing them like the dualized road from Uyo to Ikot Ekpene he is doing it.”

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