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Corps Members Embark On Clean Up In Lafia

By ‘Seyifunmi Adebote, Abuja



Uncomfortable with the increase in improper waste management in the Nasarawa State capital, Lafia; Corps members of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) CDS group under the National Youth Service Corps Scheme have taken action to address the environmental menace.

Leading the group on a market clean-up/community sensitization in Shabu Lafia North Development Area of Nasarawa State, the group’s president, Tomini Adebote pointed out what motivated himself and his colleagues to embark on this action.

“Very often, we visit the Shabu market to buy things we need, including food stuff. We have observed that a large portion of the market is usually in a mess and sometimes, it seems most people do not care about the state of the environment. My CDS group members thought it would be a great idea to enlighten the people in and around market on the need to properly dispose their waste and become more environmentally conscious. We are excited about the turn out and reception.”

The marketers were full of appreciation, one of them commented that “this market sensitization and sanitation by these NYSC Corps members is the first of its kind in the history of Shabu Market.” Another excited marketer, Amina, a rice seller opined, “Absence of a toilet is a great challenge for us here. Till now, there is no place where marketers could easily ease themselves when pressed, especially the females. We are never convenient squatting in corners whenever we want to ease ourselves.”

At the close of the event, the president of the group, Adebote said, “Our message today has been clearly communicated to the people and our impact has been felt with this little clean-up we have dutifully carried out here. It is our collective desire that this message with continue to echo in the mind and sight of these wonderful people. On our part, we are hopeful that we can situate collection bins in strategic location of the market.”

Mr. Abubakar, the Chairman of Shabu market appreciated the corps members for their initiative and made a commitment to sustain their efforts.

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