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The Many Reasons Uyo Senatorial District Want Emmanuel Back



General Hospital Akwa Ibom

The claim by President Muhammadu Buhari that his party, the All Progressives Congress, APC was cheated during the presidential and National Assembly election in Akwa Ibom State is bound to raise concern among many political actors in the country and the state.

The president’s claim was made during a pre-governorship election town hall meeting of the APC in Uyo where the president was represented by his deputy, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

Against the background of mutterings across the country that the ruling APC collaborated with state institutions to fudge the results of the election, the president’s claim that his party was cheated in Akwa Ibom is bound to raise some surprise among many.

The Peoples Democratic Party’s, PDP’s clean sweep of the National Assembly elections in Akwa Ibom that even saw the once exalted Senator Godswill Akpabio humiliated, however, did not come by any fluke.

Voters in Akwa Ibom State were undoubtedly convinced to vote for the PDP upon the strong performance of the PDP’s standard bearer in the governorship election, Governor Udom Emmanuel.

The PDP won all three Senate seats and all ten federal constituencies bringing to nullity the brazen boasts of the APC chieftains that the state was now an APC stronghold.

Gov Emmanuel and his wife arrive for Uyo Senatorial District endorsement rally

The Uyo Senatorial district was particularly interested in the victory of the PDP. Not only did the region benefit from the three years of the Emmanuel administration it also hopes that the zone would produce a successor to Governor Emmanuel in 2023.

Across the Local Government Areas in Uyo Senatorial District the most visible element of Governor Emmanuel’s touch on the people is undoubtedly road infrastructure. But the people have also benefited from industrial schemes of the government and the peace philosophy of the administration.

The massive support the governor and the PDP are receiving from Uruan local government area in Uyo Senatorial District is mainly because that unlike previous administrations, the present government has attracted projects to the area such as, the Akwa Hatchery and the Cattle ranch both located in Uruan Local Government Area.  

Indeed, community leaders from the area are also appreciative of the efforts of Governor Emmanuel and have indeed promised to pay him more with a second term given that before him and for all the publicity of uncommon transformation that their lives were hardly touched.

Senators Effiong Bob and Anniete Okon warn that 2023 is Uyo’s turn

The people of Uyo Senatorial District are also appreciative of the rehabilitation of Ituk Mbang General Hospital that was in ruins and key roads in the communities particularly Uyo Itam-Ibiaku-Uruan to Planet FM roads.

The Mbiaya -Ita-Ikpa-Mbiakong -Idu roads that had posed untold suffering on them for  so many years before the advent of the Emmanuel administration is another notable achievement.

Though the Emmanuel administration has done many internal roads in Uyo Ring Road 2 which is ready for asphalting and Ring Road 3 that are expected to open up more businesses within the state capital and its adjourning communities are worthy of mentioning. When completed the High Rise Investment Building along Udo Udoma Avenue will bring a new aura to the business community. Apparently, the governor who came from the top of the business sector hopes to make Uyo a business hub for the sub-region.

As he is doing this he is underpinning his aspiration by providing the needed infrastructure including electricity with the establishment of the 33/11KV injection substation at Edet Akpan Avenue Uyo.

Besides, the people of Uyo Senatorial District have another major reason for wanting Governor Emmanuel back.

They know that a second term for the governor would buttress the shift of the governorship from Eket Senatorial District to Uyo Senatorial District and bring the governorship nearer home.

Senator Godswill Akpabio led Ikot Ekpene leaders to endorse Gov Emmanuel

Indeed, Senator Effiong Bob a powerful voice in Uyo Senatorial District had warned the people of Eket and Ikot Ekpene Senatorial Districts not to risk the option of voting for someone else who would be tempted to serve for two terms as he said that whatever, that Uyo would present a candidate for governor in 2023.

“If you don’t allow Udom to go for a second term, Uyo Senatorial district will lose out in 2023. Uyo Senatorial district will not be fooled by any fake contract papers,” Senator Bob had said at a meeting of the Uyo Senatorial District last May.

The people of Uyo Senatorial District also like other parts of the state have benefited from the reign of peace in the state. Being the state capital, Uyo was particularly turning into an enclave for cultists and such before the Emmanuel administration. Now the people of the area abide in peace and are not about throwing away that peace for whatever illusions rival political interests may be promising.  

Whether on that premise of enlightened political self-interest or on account of the several projects the people of Uyo Senatorial District have gained from the Emmanuel administration, Governor Emmanuel is the only option for Uyo and nay the people of Akwa Ibom.

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