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Lagos Otoge Movement Urge Lagosians To Go Out Vote



The Otoge Movement in Lagos has enjoined Lagosians to go out and cast their votes against the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC on Saturday and ensure that they defend their votes.

Spokesman of the group and co-convener, Mark Adebayo speaking on the AIT Kakaki programme on Wednesday said that the system of one man dominating the political and economic landscape of Lagos must stop.

“We cannot have a situation in which one man determines who gets what in the government,” he said.

“If you need to be a kingmaker you need to do that within the ambit of the law, you do not need to do it with thugs.”

Noting how the domination is effected, he said that thugs controlled by the same man during the last election suppressed votes in areas not controlled by the APC.

“Somebody has control over all the thugs in the state. In areas where the PDP is strong thugs came out to destroy the votes of people.

“The last stroke that broke the camel’s back was when we saw on live television when thugs came and scattered the votes. Thugs came and scattered the votes of people who had stayed for hours and their votes were thrown away.”

“Lagos has to be released from the bondage to Bourdillion  that is why we are telling Lagosians to go out to the polls, defend their votes and we are going to continue this campaign even after the elections.”

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