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Controversy Trails Saraki’s Sister’s TV Interview



A daughter of the late Dr. Olusola Saraki, Ms. Oyinkansola Saraki-Smart received mixed reviews on Wednesday after she surfaced on television to publicly reprimand her brother, Senate President Bukola Saraki for messing up Kwara State.

Oyinkansola, who lives in Britain apologized to the people of Kwara State for the harm her step-brother’s political stewardship did to the state on the TVC morning show, Your View.

However, her action was quickly questioned by the anchors of the programme who challenged her on the propriety of her coming to the programme to wash her family’s dirty linen in public.

“I love him to bits. But that doesn’t stop me telling the truth. For example we cannot be the same. Once you are a public figure there is nothing you can hide. I love him, that is why I apologized to Kwarans,” she said.

“Even though we are the same blood but we had different. I am not happy the way my brother served Kwarans. I told him in 2007 privately, like the Zimbabwean famrers, the Shonga people were not happy the way he carried out,” Ms. Saraki-Smart said.

Oyinkansola Saraki was flayed for bringing family matters to the public

Her insistence on putting her family in the public view led the anchors to probe her father’s management of the defunct Societe Generale Bank.

She confessed and apologized for the incident.

“It is very difficult. It is a shame, there was a time I was I could not say I was part of them. There are some of us that are different, we are not all the same, there are some of us are good.

“I am not fighting him, even though he may be fighting me because I told him the truth,” she said as she noted that every other member of the family was upset because her dad did not tame Bukola.

Oyinkansola was believed to have been birthed by Dr. Olusola Saraki from an extra-marital affair and is not of the same mother with Bukola and Gbemisola who have the same mother.

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