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Doctors urge Sanwo-Olu to resuscitate 37 non functional health care centers in Lagos



The Medilag 90 Group, made up of the 1990 medical and dental graduates of University of Lagos, College of Medicine, have urged the Lagos State Governor-Elect, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu to resuscitate 37 non functional Primary Health and Dental Care Centers in the state when sworn in.

They made the demand in a press statement congratulating Sanwo-Olu and his wife, Dr (Mrs) Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu for the victory at the polls.

Spokesman of the group, Dr Dele Babade said they are happy on the election of the husband of their classmate, Dr (Mrs) Sanwo-Olu.

“It is a thing of joy for us”, he said, “and we are quite confident that Dr (Mrs) Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu is professionally prepared and ready to play a major supportive role to her husband as the First Lady of the pre-eminent State in Nigeria”.

He added that their “first-hand knowledge of Dr (Mrs) Sanwo-Olu, makes them confident in assuring Lagosians of a compassionate and empathetic First Lady and urges them to give her and her husband their full cooperation.”

Continuing, the spokesperson, Dr. Babade stated that the close relationships and bond fostered in the class meant that they knew the Governor elect very well before now.

He described him more of a humble technocrat than a practiced politician who has been thoroughly prepared for this place and time.

The classmates of the incoming First Lady, many of whom were involved in the electioneering campaigns for Mr Sanwo-Olu recalled the roles played by their classmates in the medical outreach program of her husband’s campaign organization.

On the cardinal points of the campaign, Dr Babade stressed that these were the same policies and ideas he had expressed way before the Governorship bid and emphasized the Governor’s firm commitment to fulfilling these healthcare goals for the people of Lagos State.

“We know he passionately believes in these goals. Of particular importance is the expansion of the Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme to reach 500,000 households (2.5 million enrollments) by the Q4 of 2019. He is also determined to meet the targeted Abuja Declaration on Healthcare spending of 15%of the State budget, raising it from its current level of 8.86%,” he added.

They urged the incoming administration to incorporate the outreach medical program into the State’s health care delivery system even as they urge him to upgrade and resuscitate the 37 non functional Primary Health and Dental Care Centers in Lagos State.

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