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Anita Joseph Vows Dirty Slap On Tonto Dikeh’s Critics

By Entertainment Correspondent



Nollywood star, Anita Joseph has threatened a dirty slap on anyone criticizing fellow star, Tonto Dikeh over her outburst on former husband Olakunle Churchill.

Joseph who is a friend of Tonto claimed in an Instagram posting that she had received messages from some people asking her to tell Tonto to cool it down on Churchill.

Ms. Joseph, however, fumed that she would not have any of such fuming that those giving the advise were not in Tonto’s shoes and could not have imagined what she went through. Asserting that even many Nigerians were suffering similar experiences as Tonto supposedly passed through, Joseph in the post vowed to give a slap that would come from left right and centre against anyone giving such advise.

She said:

“Some people sha, some Nigerians sha, I see a lot of people wen de write stupid things, your marriage no good but you cannot talk because if you talk what will people say, what will the church say, what will my neighbours say and you are dying in silence.

Tonto and Churchill when the going was good

“If Tonto wants to talk from now till the next ten years, I support her and if it is the only way that she can get it off her chest, let her talk. You cannot tell her how to heal, we are not there. If you have never been in her situation don’t talk. If I hear people ola nga magi (the slap I will give you) it will come from left, right and centre. She is the one wearing the freakish shoe.

“Respect yourself. Some of you send me messages, talk to your sister, talk to your friend. I will not, let Tonto talk, let her get the thing off her chest. Leave her alone to clear her chest.”

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