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Tougher Times For Indecent Dressers, Night Clubbers In Abuja – Abuja Council Vows

By Our Correspondent



The administration in Abuja is determined to rid the city of “obnoxious” activities and has commenced moves to remove night clubs from all residential areas of the federal capital, Umaru Shuaibu, coordinator of the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council has said.

Speaking in an interview monitored on AIT, Shuaibu dismissed contentions against the arrest of allegedly “indecently dressed” ladies in the city as he warned that the importation of obnoxious cultures must not be allowed in the federal capital. In that regard he disclosed that the authorities have commenced the process of revoking the permits granted the night clubs to change the purposes for which the building permits were granted.

While he said supermarkets and banks who were similarly affected would for now pay fines for altering the permits, he said that night clubs would not for whatever amount be allowed to renew their permits. He said that the original purposes for which the buildings were meant for must be actualized.

Shuaibu spoke against the grain of protest of the raid of night clubs in the federal capital. He asked those interested in nightclubbing to visit hotels such as Sheraton, Agura and Hilton that have such facilities.

Asked why only dancers were being arrested, he said:

“All of them, the nude dancers and the operators will be arrested and for the premises there is a special way we are going to handle that matter.

“First of all the owners (nightclubs) are operating in areas that are earmarked for residential area.

“All of them, not only one. We are not going to stop until we rid this city of night disturbance.”

“We are not saying that there will be no night clubs, if you want to go to a night club go to an area where they are allowed for, go to hotels. In hotels they have these facilities and even in the hotel if you want to do that, there are certain activities that you are not allowed to do.

“Street dancing is an offence, indecent exposure is alien to our culture. In advanced countries that we are copying if you want to have this kind of activity it must be registered. The authority must know that this is what you are going to do and it must be liable to control.

Asked if application is made for a nightclub if it would be approved, he said:
“It depends on what the law says, but presently, our laws are against that.”

“Not only 80%, but 100% of the night clubs we are going for them.

“All the cases of conversion are now being stopped. We are not collecting money or tax from anybody for conversion. We are serving them notices for all of them to revert back to the original use. That is our target.

“Banks, supermarkets can still pay and we will determine but for the night clubs we are not collecting anything from them. They converted illegally.

“We have provisions for nightclubbing. If you want to go out in the night to relax, we have provisions for hotels in the plan, there are so many big hotels, go to Sheraton, go to Hilton Hotel, go to Agura.”

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