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Nwoko And Nwoboshi: Not Good For Anioma

By Onye Nkem



It is like a joke taken too far. Anioma should ordinarily be interpreted as good land, however, the struggle for political supremacy between two morally challenged men does not seem to point in that direction.

In one corner is Prince Ned Munir Nwoko, the multi married 59 year old Muslim lawyer now being celebrated for marrying an 18 year old girl, Miss Regina Daniels. On the other corner is the politically unreliable Senator Peter Nwaoboshi who is presently moving from court to court over alleged financial misdeeds. Waving them on are different sets of cyber fanatics glossing over the moral dilemma that the two men represent to the land of the good.

That these two men are fighting over the seat vacated by Senator Ifeanyi Okowa is a shock. That the people and especially the youths are egging them on, fighting one another to gain the ascendancy when they should ordinarily be bringing the two men to moral probity is another shock.

Nwoko, has been variously described as a philanthropist, cerebral lawyer and many more. He has also distinguished himself by his cross cultural marriage including marrying a Moroccan woman. His latest feat in acquiring to his home, an 18 year old girl who ordinarily should be in school is being celebrated by the moral deficient who do not see what this example presents to the future of the young girls in Anioma.

Young Anioma girls, instead of focusing on their studies and how they can become excellent professionals, home makers and virtuous mothers are now being distracted by pictures of Miss Daniels frolicking with Mr. Nwoko in nightclubs. They are being told that that is the way to go!

How many of the people now celebrating Miss Daniels and Nwoko will open their daughters or sisters to such a marital match?

Yes, it is undoubtable that Nwoko may have been a very good philanthropist, especially to his supporters, but his example is not one that should be emulated. Of course many men are moved by the sensuality that beauties like Miss Daniels present, but they do it in secret and do not flaunt their moral failure in the way that Munir Nwoko is doing. His fellow Muslim, Ahmed Yerima married a girl, albeit less than 18 years, but he has not been known to be flaunting her about.

The fight between the two camps for Nwoko and Nwaoboshi does not portray what is good in Anioma! That the two men are the options for Anioma in the Senate is bad for the land!

Nkem Onye wrote from Abuja

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