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Case Of 7-Year Old Boy’s Rape Of 1-Year-Old Cousin: Parents, Children Need Counselling – Expert



The parents of the seven-year-old boy who allegedly raped a one-year-old girl cousin of his living in their home have been urged to go with their child for psychotic counselling.

Titilola Adeniyi, Coordinator of the Lagos State Domestic Sexual Violence Response Team, DSVRT said this while responding to the shocking news.

The seven-year-old boy was reported to have raped his one year old cousin whose mother was living with his family. In response to the development, the father of the seven-year-old boy was said to have sent the one year old rape victim and her mother out of their home.

Responding to the shocking development while appearing as a guest on the TVC morning programme, Your View, Adeniyi identified the two children involved as victims who need to be counselled.

“This is the time to protect this family. There should be a proper plan for the mother and her child. The fact of the matter is that we have two victims, the boy and the girl and the earlier the boy is treated, the better,” she said.

“We need to counsel the father of the boy, why did he drive them? Did he do it out of fear? If he is then adamant, then we need to explore prosecution. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse,” she further deposed.

Saying that prosecution was not an option for the two children, she said:

“There is nothing like exposing, we are not going to the police in this case. If the police approach. Don’t forget that that 7-year-old needs to be protected, he is a child and below the age of criminal responsibility, so it is not a case of going to expose the child as a criminal, no!”

“Everything has to be confidential, so there is nothing to fear, we have to provide counsel for the children, counsel to the parents, curb it before it escalates and goes before control.”

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