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Wike Denies Billion Naira Bribery Allegation, Says GOC Running Bunkering Ring



Nyesom Wike on Wednesday dismissed the bribery allegation leveled against him by the army saying it was an afterthought which General Jamil Sarhem, the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the 6 Division did not bring up when he appeared before the House of Representatives.

Speaking at a valedictory session of the Rivers State Executive Council, Wike said Sarhem could not raise the issue when he appeared before the House of Representatives because there was nothing like a bribery incident. 

He reiterated that the GOC runs an oil bunkering scheme, which cannot be swept away by flimsy allegations. 

He said: “I thank you for the political support  you gave  me when there was no hope. At a time when the GOC came to kill Rivers people, but you stood firm to say , you will not agree. Yes he may have killed our people, but we will continue  to protect our votes.

“They say they will remove me through the Tribunal, but we defeated them during the elections.  If it is to conduct elections, they will never win.

“Someone who says he never met me before and has never been to Government House would say I am fighting him because I tried to bribe him with billions of naira. The GOC has been fully involved in oil bunkering. He should  explain  his involvement instead of  the false allegation.

“The House of Representatives Committee on Army was here , he could not say he was bribed.  He is saying  this because he is involved in oil bunkering.  They  know it is correct. Elections that we defeated you and your party, why would I have to pay bribe. We defeated you in that election. The man you have not met,  how could he have offered to bribe you?”

Governor  Wike  said he will continue  to promote  Rivers first at all times. He said that the interest of Rivers State is ahead of all other considerations. 

He thanked members  of the Former Rivers State Executive Council for their contributions to the development of Rivers State.  

He said: “It has been a rewarding experience and I am quite impressed that one worked with  these persons of capacity. 

“All the achievements  we recorded  were made possible because  you worked”.

The Governor said that some of the members of the dissolved  Executive Council  will make it back to the new Executive Council. 

Deputy Governor Ipalibo Harry Banigo commended the Rivers State Governor for providing  purposeful  leadership  that has helped to transform  the State. 

Receiving a parting gift from former government scribe Kenneth Kobani

She assured Governor Wike of her unflinching support,  noting that she will always work for the success of his Administration. 

Former Commissioners, Former Attorney  General of Rivers  State, Dr Zaccheus  Adango,  the Head of Service, Rufus Godwins, Former Secretary to the Rivers State Government, Sir Kenneth Kobani,  Former Chief of Staff, Engr Chukwuemeka Woke praised the Rivers State Governor  for working passionately  for the development  of Rivers State. 

Former Secretary to the Rivers State Government, Sir Kenneth Kobani moved the motion  for the dissolution of the State Executive Council,  which was seconded by Former Commissioner of Transport, Hon Michael West.

Highpoint of the Valedictory Session of the Rivers State Executive Council was the presentation of Special Congratulatory Card  to the Governor by Former Members  of the dissolved Council. 

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