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I Came, Saw And Conquered – Amosun Denies Fleeing To Saudi Arabia



Ibikunle Amosun on Tuesday said he to a large extent conquered during his eight-year term as governor of Ogun State as he denied insinuations that he had fled to Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to journalists on his last day in office as governor of the state, during a pull-out parade at Oke-Mosan Governor’s Office, the outgoing governor said:

” My joy knows no bound because I am not the first governor of Ogun state and you people (journalists) know Ogun state more than I do because we are like soldiers and they will say; Soldier comes soldiers go barrack remains.

“Clearly you (Journalists) have seen even the military adminisrations amongst others.

“We came, we saw and to a reasonable extent we have conquered.

“We are leaving Ogun state better than we met it. Some can not even stay and someone says I am running away yes, but I will be running to Mecca to say thank you to God and I will be away for like 14days because I will be coming for sallah.

“I have told God that If he could do this for me, I will come and say thank you. And I am going to thank him (God) for what I will describe as unseen fingers, uncommon glory and favour.

“History will write that I came and this is how I left it.

“Immediately we came we knew what we wanted to do and that certain things must be put in place such as Infrastructures and we did that.

“I have done my bit and I have moved on and of course I have new assignment which I will do more better than I have done in government.

“I am off and once you have done your bit leave so that people can decided what is best for them. We have done our best and I am at peace with my creator. “

However, the outgoing governor’s enthusiasm nonetheless, he failed in his bid to foist his choice of a successor in the person of Akinlade Adekunle.

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