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PDP Chides APC For Fouling Eid Celebration With Its Internal Conflicts



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The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has rebuked the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC for supposedly fouling the Islamic festivity of Eid-El-Fitri with its internal crises.

The crises in the ruling APC on Tuesday boiled over when the party formally asked critics of the Adams Oshiomhole led leadership to leave for the PDP even as the incumbent leadership chided the previous John Odigie-Oyegun leadership for planting the landmines that led to the crises in the state chapters.

Responding to the order by the APC leadership on its internal critics to leave for the PDP, the opposition party accused the ruling party of adding its insensitivity to the cultural and religious sensibilities of Nigerians to its alleged incompetence in leadership.

In a statement issued by its national publicity secretary, Kola Ologbondinyan, the PDP said the APC “has again demonstrated its insensitivity and contempt towards the values and feelings of Nigerians. How else can it justify its choice of fouling the national space at a time compatriots are observing the blessings of Eid-el- Fitri?”

“It is imperative to state that the PDP, as a responsible party, will not join the APC in its shameless dance, yet, the APC must know that it must answer for its failures, depravities and unrestrained looting of our national treasury in the last four years.

“This is the same APC, whose national chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, confirmed as a sanctuary of looters and unpatriotic people, when he declared that, ‘once you join the APC, your sins are forgiven.’

“It has also become clear to Nigerians that the APC is fixated on the PDP and has become feverish by the reinvention of the PDP to serve the interest of the people. This is in addition to the fact that majority of Nigerians now believe more in our party, the PDP, after seeing through the lies, deceit and failures of the APC and its government.

“The APC must face the truism that having divided our people, wrecked our once robust economy, returned our nation to a debtor status and brought so much misery to the extent that our compatriots now resort to suicide and slavery mission abroad as options, Nigerians cannot continue to lend it any support.

“The determined optimism expressed by majority of  Nigerians for the retrieval of our stolen Presidential mandate at the tribunal as well as the spontaneous jubilation across the country over the victory of the PDP in state governorship elections shows that the people are eager to have the PDP back at the saddle of governance.

“This is because, while in office, the PDP, as a people-oriented party, remained dedicated to the wellbeing of the people.”

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