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Obaseki: My Humiliations, Hurts Under Oshiomhole

I Was Not Allowed As Gov To Nominate One Federal Appointment



By Rufus Ike

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State on Friday opened up on what he described as the humiliating experiences he had suffered under the political leadership of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole serving as he described it without liberty.

Speaking to a cross section of the Benin Community in Abuja, the governor said that he has not been allowed to make a single political appointment at the federal level as he cried out that the struggle in the state was over his determination not to mortgage the finances of the state.

Receiving the Benin Community delegation led by its president, Dickson Omoregie at the Edo State Lodge, Asokoro, Obaseki expressed concern that since the crisis broke out that the leadership of the party in Abuja did not deem it necessary to call the two sides to make peace.

“In my electioneering campaigns, I was clear that if God gives me mandate, I will do my beat for the state. I have been doing this silently behind the scene for 8 years before I became governor.

“I was very clear about my focus and I said the youth is my first primary. Goggle human trafficking, the first city you see is Edo. That’s why my first visit was to our technical college.

“The money we are getting from Abuja wasn’t adequate. So, given my background, I sought to bring investors so that they can engage our people.


“I endured so much as a governor, as governor I have not been able to even nominate somebody for a federal appointment and meanwhile federal appointments are made every day,  I will sit down they will call me from the Senate.  Are you aware of this? I keep quiet, I can not be governor and not be governor.

“I should be able to make decisions and I have made decisions which in my view are in the best interest of Edo state, even within our politics. Is it not ironic that in  a state where we have just one party ruling  and all 24 seats in the House of Assembly, we have this kind of a crisis?”

“It is thoroughly embarrassing and at the center we have our own person,  who is supposed to superintendent this.

Oshiomhole’s Silence

“So, if your children are fighting and you cannot come and settle them then what authority do you have to even be a father? Even if I were the worst governor in Edo, in Nigeria  but am the only governor from my party in the whole of South-South and Southeast, even if I were a mad man, will you or whosoever it is at the top not  take and cover me, are you the one that will come and create destruction at home?

“No matter how serious the problems are, will you leave your house and call outsiders to take over your home? Do you want me as governor to keep quiet and allow all these to continue happening?  Should I not fight back?  That is what we are seeing,  we should not be afraid because this can’t produce good for Edo State,  Edo would have been in same situation like Zamfara if not for God and patience, how can I as governor I  conduct election and someone will come and cancel them and goes and begin manipulating and throwing  all set of people in there, and now want to use the people to fight me and remove me from office,  and you want me to keep quiet.”

“By the grace of God, those youths will be removed as Agberos; by the grace of God, when I finish my term,  I go back to my business.

Earlier in his speech, the leader of the delegation, Dickson expressed concern about the developments as he urged him not to allow himself to be turned into a puppet.

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