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Davido’s Artiste Threatened To Send Naked Pix Of Beaten Girlfriend Viral



By Emmnauel Adigwe

Leading music star and entrepreneur, Davido was on the spot on Monday after it emerged that Lil Frosh also known as Eruku Makanaki who is signed to his record label has been involved in a year long domestic abuse of his girlfriend.

Frosh according to an Instagram posting by the brother of the lady, Mayoks Michael went to the extreme of beating the lady naked and threatening to make the recording viral.

Strong reactions have followed the development on twitter.

Michael in his Instagram posting said:

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@thacutegeminme my client and sister has suffered enough!!! We have kept quiet enough @lhilfrosh You have done enough damage for almost a year now you have been in a relationship with my sister and client and you have brought her nothing but horror, pain and disaster. I remember the first time I found out about you beating her on Monday 22nd of June @official_lyta team reached out to me wanting to use her for his musical vidoe shoot but she kept on saying you didn’t like it not knowing you had beaten her to pulp and she couldn’t face the world with so much Bruise. Their team begged to double the money but she couldn’t take the job because of you You created so much fear in her till she turned down the job, but you still didn’t stop on a particular day you called me and you were begging me for almost 3 hours on the phone telling me to talk to her just to get back to you. Which I begged her and you promised never to lay your horrible hands on her. She has lost so many jobs because of you She has lost so many friendships because of you You never wanted her to be friends or to even talk to anyone You will turn the lights off beat her and pour her water even record her and threaten to post it online. You broke her ring light Broke her phone Dragged her right infront of your house I know how many times I’ve had to order Uber to take her home @lhilfrosh you are very wicked I’m tired of trying to protect your image while you continually ruin her and break her into pieces. She called one day crying that you were going to kill her and actually you were truly locking her inside preparing to beat not until I called her mom You even recorded her naked !! Threatening to post it after beating her bro @lhilfrosh you better be ready You will pay for this !!! We are tired of your @davidoofficial @gossipmillnaija @instablog9ja @madjohny @thechefchi please you are a woman please see to this #notodomesticviolence #thacutegeminme #dmw #davido

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The reaction has been followed with strong reactions on twitter as gory pictures of the victim appeared on social media.

GWG presents some of their thoughts

A LIGHT @RealTambou wrote: “Lil frosh never blow he don dey blow woman.
This young lady needs to see medical attention.. Bilateral ecchy-mosis from trauma,I hope a fractured orbital bone is ruled out… I have seen someone who developed cavernous sinus thrombosis from small domestic violence.”

IFA FUNSHO@funshographix wrote: “The Fame Lil Frosh could not get as an area boy singer in Lagos, Nigeria. he just achieved it by beaten his girlfriend badly.”

TÍMÍ OF ÀWA-IJEBU@Kitimmys_Khay wrote: “But how did Lil Frosh beat this girl like this

Odidi fine girl.”

Mr Romeo@goonZzero wrote: “Someone tell Lil frosh this is not what we meant when we say hit for hit.”

Williams_ex@williams_ex wrote: “Love is blind Lil frosh you are a bastard You must me arrested today!!!!”

My tweets are underrated@Undone_rice wrote: “Lil frosh wants to sink his own career even before it kicks off.”

YH @Yemihazan wrote: “Lil frosh career just ended faster than it started.”

Nene @Deeee_Vaaaaa wrote: “The number of times lil frosh hit his girlfriend is higher than the number of hit songs he has.”

Famez Venom @Famezz_vv wrote: “The brother said “he has been protecting Lil Frosh image” TF!! You’re protecting the image of someone that is boxing your sister?? Even Anthony Joshua go fear Lil Frosh if he sees the pictures.”

YH @Yemihazan wrote: “Somebody was beating your sister rather than call the animal out you were protecting his image.. what image does lil frosh have?? The babe brother sef deserve flogging.”

Oyiga Micheal@Nsukka_okpa wrote: “Lil frosh Record label: DMW Hit songs: 0 Awards: 0 Stage performance: 0 Quotable lines: 0 Domestic Violence: Oporr Ye Ye.”

IRUNNIA ™@Irunnia_ wrote: “Lil frosh wey his career never start dey beat person daughter like this???!”

Port Harcourt Daddy@TukaLoanyie wrote: “You see that boy with saw dust on his head? His name is Lil Frosh , he does not have a hit song, but he can hit women.”

Iconic Grayzo@officialgrayzo wrote: “While his mate are saying #EnoughIsEnough lil frosh is busy designing someone’s daughter face like this, Pele o Agbagba firiyoyo You just end the career that has not started.”

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