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Akande Dared To Speak Out On Southwest Insecurity




Bisi Akande, a strong ally of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has been dared to prioritise the issue of insecurity in Yoruba land over his complaints about the ongoing party registration exercise in the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Wale Oshun, National President of the Afenifere Renewal Group, ARG, a splinter group of Afenifere made the challenge in a video broadcast on Monday.

Oshun spoke after Akande openly came out to chastise the ongoing re-registration of members of the APC saying that Akande had kept silent over the insecurity crisis in the South-West.

Akande, is a former governor and national chairman of the APC is a strong ally of the national leader of the APC.

Speaking in a video broadcast made available to Daily Independent, Oshun said it was surprising that Akande could only speak out APC membership registration while maintaining silence on the insecurity crisis in Yorubaland and restructuring of the country.

“Wonders will never end. I have been ruminating and this has to do with my concern that why of all the problems besetting us as a people, why is it that my own great leader, Chief Bisi Akande will be talking about party registration when we the Yoruba people are beset with severe security issues?”

“People are killed, kidnapped, women raped on their farms, ordinary citizens living under fear. Who is not living under fear now except that person has a battery of security men superintending him or her? So, why of all things, we are not talking about restructuring.”

“Even the complaints about party registration would have been an issue that a properly restructured entity would have attended to. They would have had their own internal rules that will prevent arbitrary interventions, the type that Bisi Akande is now talking about.”

“But I would have loved to see his strong voice put behind the governors of Yorubaland who have the courage to challenge the insecurity in their respective states”.

“And I would have liked his strong voice admonishing one or two governors who feel unconcerned, who are not doing enough for their people in the insecurity situation. That is where a strong voice is needed now, not about party registration”.

“We call papa Akande ‘baba omo keekeke (father of little children) ’. The omo kekeeke’s coming behind us must have a country, a region lives that are not unnecessarily harangued to look forward to. That is what you should be doing for us sir”.

“Lend your strong voice to issues that affects us; issues of restructuring and security. Lend your strong voice to that one. All other issues will be taken care of” Oshun said.

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