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Female Warder Caught In Sex Act With Prisoner



warder sex prisoner

The South African department of correctional services has reacted to the video of a female warder and a prisoner allegedly having sex.

Spokesperson for the department Singabakho Nxumalo said the video of the warder at the Ncome Correctional Centre, KwaZulu-Natal has left the department appalled, embarrassed and gutted.

In the video, the female Warder is seen passionately kissing the inmate before they get half naked and get into the act.

Nxumalo said the warder will face disciplinary hearing.

“Sexual activities between inmates and correctional officials are shameful incidents that can never be ascribed to what is expected of our officials,” said Nxumalo.

He said the official involved has been identified and she will be subjected to a disciplinary process with immediate effect.

“Disciplinary measures have also been instituted against the inmate,” said Nxumalo. Furthermore, Nxumalo said the correctional officials are expected to abide by a code of conduct at all times, the spokesperson said on the controversy over the warder having sex with a prisoner.

“Despicable acts of sexual activities with inmates shall never be tolerated. We appeal to those in possession of the video to refrain from disseminating it,” Nxumalo said.
Meanwhile, the prison service has rebuffed reports that the pair were married or that the female warder has committed sucide.

“We must also dispel the wrong information that we see being spread that the official has committed suicide, that’s not true – she’s alive,” Correctional Services spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo said.

Despite the circulation of pictures that looked like the couple in their wedding outfit, the service is also disclaiming growing reports that the couple are married. Various pictures including pictures that showed similarity of the two persons caught in the act in wedding outfits and also in other pictures that tended to show a relationship. However, it is not certain that marriage would be an alibi for a wedding official to have sex with her husband who is an inmate.

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