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Re: Wike The Humorist; An Incoherent Rambling

By Freeman Datubo



Wike humorist

My attention has been drawn to a write-up titled “Wike the Humorist”, published in the ‘Hardball’ column  of The Nation Newspaper, April 1st, 2021 and honestly, one is at a loss to fathom what whoever wrote the verbiage was rambling about.

The initial inclination which the title provoked, since today is April 1st (April fool’s day), was to dismiss the tripe as one of those practical jokes often posted in the public space, to elicit some smirk or chuckle from an unsuspecting reader, especially when the name of a prime newsmaker who has captured popular imagination like Governor Wike is mentioned.

However, the crass foolishness (in the spirit of April fool’s day), which reeks and drips all through the entire write-up invokes an unpleasant, sardonic humour, which not only displays pedestrian intelligence in misrepresenting the entire context and import of the subject Pidgin language interview which Governor Nyesom Wike gave to the BBC, but sadly exposes the tortured rambling of a faceless acolyte, that painfully drags and derails into a cesspool of annoying incoherence.

I do not intend to join issues with the faceless hardball columnist, but let us, by way of elevating the illogical mishmash of the intended message, humor the article by conceding to a few observations.

Re: Wike The Humorist; An Incoherent Rambling

First, it is glaringly obvious that the writer does not even know the real meaning of ‘Humorist’ and has typically exposed a pardonable ignorance like all half baked semi-literate, opinionated columnists, by giving a street translation of the word.

And so by way of educating the  columnist: “A HUMORIST or HUMOURIST is an intellectual who uses humor, or wit in writing or public speaking”, and that exactly is what Governor Nyesom Wike is, especially in the unorthodox context and platform of a pidgin english interview by an International News Agency.

Secondly, everything Governor Wike said in the BBC interview are not only incontrovertible facts, but are backed by verifiable evidence and instances, which anyone who lived in Rivers State would concur  instantly.

And, still on the subject and with particular reference to the tasteless insinuation of one ‘biting the fingers that fed him’, many Rivers people will quickly tell you that instead of the example of Governor Wike and President Jonathan, both of who quite happily enjoy a very robust, familial and mutually respectful relationship, politically and otherwise, this analogy rather fits perfectly and is aptly suited to the relationship between the Transportation Minister and the mercurial, ebullient, revered Sir. Dr. Peter Odili, the former Governor of Rivers State. Indeed Rivers people know only too well, those who have viciously bitten the fingers that fed them.

Sadly, what faceless writers like this hardball entrant, who are too cowardly to answer their names and own up to their righteous idealism, have still failed to understand when they invoke Governor Wike’s name, is that the Rivers Governor is one of the very few leaders in this country, who speaks truth to power and calls a spade by its proper name.

Another unfortunate observation is that Newspapers like The Nation, which has attracted some modicum of professional acceptance, still allows itself to succumb to the temptations of presenting such illogical tomfoolery that gushes in articles from authors who are granted authorial licence to massage their  egos and promote their failed masters, like this particular hardball installment.

Re: Wike The Humorist; An Incoherent Rambling

As for the snide inuendo which the writer failed so woefully to convey with the ‘Humorist’ tag, we will forgive the misappropriated allusion and the attempted impression ignorantly evoked by the misplaced metaphor.

One can only wonder sadly, at the intelligence levels and mental vacuity of a writer, who opts to refer to a Governor known nationally as: “Mr. Quality Projects” and who has been showered with encomiums from across all divides and bestowed with a plethora of awards in virtually all sectors of human and leadership excellence, including: “The Governor of the Year for Infrastructure Development” the “Power of Sports, POS in Africa” and the “Extra Ordinary Man of the Year” Awards, as a ‘humorist’. The Nation Newspaper can do much better than this, surely.

Datubo is a Public Affairs Analyst based in Port Harcourt

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