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All You Need To Know About Sallah



Tomorrow July 20th, Muslims all over the world will gather to celebrate Sallah the Eid al-Adha (Id ul-Adha), popularly known as Eid-el-Kabir.

It literally means ‘Feast of Sacrifice.’ As the name implies, this Islamic festival involves the slaughtering of rams to commemorate the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to follow Allah’s command to sacrifice his son, Ismail, but was later instructed by Allah to sacrifice a lamb in place of his son.

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For the sacrifice, Muslims slaughter rams, cows, camel and sometimes goat. The slaughtered animal is then divided into three parts. One part is given to the poor, another third to friends and neighbors; while the remaining third is kept for the family.

Killings of rams is not the only thing done on this day.

It is required for Muslims to take the full-body ritual bath before setting out for the Eid.

Similarly, since this Eid is considered the holier and bigger of the two Eids, then Muslims are expected to wear new clothes (or the best ones available) when they go out to the Eid prayer.

Eid-el-Kabir is a reminder of how the Almighty usually intervene to turn a situation of hopelessness to that of hope and happiness. Therefore, tomorrow Muslims should prepare to observe the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) – take a bath before Fajr prayers; observe fasting while going to the praying ground; set out early; stop on the way to offer seats in your car to your brethren (Do not wait to be asked before you offer such assistance); in low voice, say the glorification of the Almighty.

Remember Eid-el-Kabir signifies the arrival for a religious duty; it also signals a constant departure to walk with the creator.

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