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Learn From Obi Cubana, Get Good Friends – Pastor Prize



Obi Cubana

Abuja-based cleric, Pastor Prize Aluko has enjoined Nigerians to learn from the story of Obi Cubana and get themselves the right kind of friends.

Pastor Aluko, who was preaching on the topic “Standing Firm on Your Dedication to God” affirmed that to also get the right kind of friends, that one must also prove himself to be friendly.

He spoke against the background of the support that Obi Cubana received from near and far during the recent burial of his mother, Ezinne Iyiegbu.

Aluko who is pastor of the Resurrected Assembly said:

‘When you associate with somebody, something leads you into that person and something leads that person into you. No association operates on a neutral level. Proverbs 13: 20. When you are in company with the dedicated, your dedication shifts level positively.

‘The right company shields one life from the enemy’s attack that could lead to a crash. Acts 14:20. When the disciples stood around Apostle Paul, he arose. At a time when the devil wants you on the floor, if you have the right people around your life, you will be on your feet. All you need is the right kind of people around your life. Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10.

Noting how the friends of Obi Cubana stood by him, he said:

‘It is a right friend that will pray you and deliver you out of the hand of the devil, it is the right friend that will stand by you on the day of afflictions, it is the right friend that will give you a good counsel in the midst of challenges. It is a right friend that will look at you and tell you the truth in the midst of all lies. What you need is the right kind of friends. Luke 5:18-19. Every man needs a friend that will go extra mile for him; not fair-weather friends. Not those who will only eat with you when food is on the table. Who are your friends? There are chewing gum friends, fun-seeking friends and real friends. Identify your friends and when you know them, hold them strongly.

‘What is my counsel? Be a good friend. But remember, he that must be a friend must make himself friendly. Let me bring this message to an end with a familiar story of a young man known as Obi Cubana. For more than a week now, this young man has been in the news, especially after the burial of his mother in the town of Oba in Anambra State. Social media has been agog with his stories. It is said that close to 300 cows were given to him by his friends and associates for the purpose of the burial of his mother. Hundreds of millions of naira were also put together by his friends and given to him as their support towards his mother’s burial. The BBC interviewed him (Obi Cubana) after the burial and he spoke about his friends. He said in the interview that his friends were young boys whom he empowered financially many years ago. Two years after the empowerment, he met with them again and he further assisted those who had a financial challenge. Today, many of them are billionaires. News has it that he has again empowered 300 promising youths from his community. Is that the kind of person that money will not chase after in years to come? I repeat, be a good friend, affect the lives of people around you and in time to come, your life will be better affected. Try to be a good friend.’

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