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Kumuyi: 30 Things Women Expect From Husbands



Pastor William Kumuyi, General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has listed 30 things that women expect from their husbands to keep them happy. The revered man of God in listing the nuggets says that they are things that wives wish that their husbands know to keep them happy.

He listed them thus:

1. Wives want their husbands to communicate with them frequently.

2. Wives want companionship from their husbands.

3. Wives also wish their husbands would make provision for the family a priority.

4. Wives wish they would be genuinely respected for their roles as wives and mothers.

5. Women Appreciate husbands who respect their opinions on issues.

6. Wives Appreciate commendation from their husbands.

7. Christian wives admire and are proud of their husbands when they are committed and devoted to God’s calling.

8. They also wish their husbands are vast in and have deeper understanding and application of the scripture.

9. Wives wish their husbands could vouch for their fidelity.

10. Wives Appreciate men who pay attention to the spiritual and moral upbringing of their children and the uplift of their wives.

Kumuyi, continuing said:

11. Wives love husbands who protect them from harassment of in-laws.

12. Women do not appreciate it when their husbands compare them with other women.

13. Wives wish that their husbands would constantly affirm their love and commitment to them.

14. Women love surprises.

15. Wives hate when their husbands forget important dates ( wedding anniversary, birthday and the likes)

16. Women want men to appreciate both their physiological and emotional make-ups.

17. They want their men to be happy, healthy, and successful in life.

18. Wives said they feel more inclined to respond to their husband’s physical intimacy later in the day when they connect with them emotionally and were loving, considerate and romantic all day.

19. Women wish their men would buy clothes for them as they buy for themselves.

Kumuyi further said:

20. Most women want their husbands to support the family.

21. Most women don’t like their husbands to take crucial decisions about the family without their input.

22. Women, especially Christians, want husbands who they can be proud of.

23. Wives want husbands who are patient with them.

24. Women respect men who resist undue influence from friends and relations.

25. Women want men who support their goals and ambition.

26. Women want husbands who commend their cooking, care of the home and everything they do.

27. Wives also wish their husbands would spoil them occasionally by taking them out and giving them a special treatment.

28. Women love to be married to Godly and prayerful husbands.

29. Wives want men who play with the children, help them with their homework, discipline them when they err, and give them Godly upbringing.

30. They want men of purpose, goal and ambition.

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