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Different Reactions From Nigerians As Nigeria Celebrates Independence



Nigerians have continued to react over the current state of the Nation as the country celebrates its 61st independence anniversary.

While some reckon that the country has recorded many developments since 1960 in spite of the many challenges the nation has gone through throughout the years, others believe that the country has done nothing compared to countries that got independence after Nigeria.

According to a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), James Audu, Nigeria succeeded to overcome the civil war that almost divided the country and today, the country is trying its best to overcome certain challenges that are rearing their ugly heads to stand against the progress of the country.

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He stated, “Our leaders over the years have shown maturity in handling challenges confronting the country. I strongly believe that as a country, we are learning and very soon, we will overcome and move together as a nation.

“Our coming together as a nation and understanding ourselves will definitely be the beginning of our breakthrough in all spheres of life. When this is achieved, Nigeria will surely be the pride of Africa looking at the human and natural resources God Almighty has blessed the country with.”

He explained that with all the challenges the country is going through, Nigerians will overcome someday and be a great nation that the world would admire.

Another chieftain of the APC, Suleiman Mohammed, argued that the country’s leadership has failed to build on the gains of the country’s founding fathers who fought all their lives to unite the country.

He noted, “Today in this country we have leaders that care less about the challenges Nigerians are going through. Imagine the rate at which we are killing ourselves everyday that killing a person in this country is no longer news. We have all lost our senses as human beings that even animals do not treat each other the way we behave to each other in the country.

“It is in Nigeria that you see the highest form of hatred, differences in religion, tribe and all forms of segregation that no any section sees another one with anything good. This way of life keeps drawing us backward everyday, as a divided country, we continue to witness all forms of atrocities in the country and today, everybody is seen as an enemy.”

He added that today in the country, the leadership has no sense of direction, stressing that there is no definite plan that is guiding the country in the future.

He said, “You discover that in developed countries, they work on the plans they have set for themselves and they are working strictly to achieve such targets they have set for themselves and that is why you see them prospering every year. In Nigeria, our leaders rule by accident without any definite plan that they are working to achieve and that is why they could easily be distracted from doing other things that are not meaningful to the welfare of Nigerians.

“The leadership is supposed to cater for the welfare of all Nigerians irrespective of where one comes from. The President should be the father of all Nigerians while the governors also be the father of their respective states. What one sees in this country is all forms of favouritism and such characters that simply tells you that we are not truly one in the country. You see development in some places while other places have nothing to show for it but the same country and state.”

He stressed that the country truly needs leaders that fear God in all their dealings so that they would carry the people along in all spheres of life, adding that such type of leadership would ensure peace and sanity in the country without any form of acrimony.

Mrs Comfort Adamu, a businesswoman, lamented that the government of the day cares less about the welfare of those they govern but are interested about themselves, stressing, “How can we be secured in this country that everybody behaves the way he or she wants. No wonder you see all manner of things happening in the country.

“Nigerians are suffering from insecurity, hardship and other things that make Nigerians think that our leaders do not have the fear of God in them looking at the way the very people that elected them into power are suffering. Many have been sent parking from their ancestral lands because of insecurity and no one seems to care for what they are going through. Many others have been killed and property of unimaginable magnitude have been destroyed by enemies in the name of religion or communal conflicts,” she said.

She called on the leadership of the country to fear God and do the needful to avoid the wrath of God on the day of judgment, calling on Nigerians to be their brothers’ keepers and unite against the enemy of progress in the country.

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