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How To Look Well-Rested When You’re Fagged Out




At a certain point in our lives, we must have had to report somewhere early after spending most of the night awake. It might be school or work schedules that require you to be punctual the next day after pulling all-night and in that respect it becomes a challenge to appear well-rested.

If you’ve been up all night binging on your favourite series or working on a pending project here are some amazing tips to help you look like you’ve had a full eight hours of sleep when in reality; you’ve had only two or none.


It goes without saying that water is an essential part of healthy living. Many of us are guilty of drinking little water that your body can barely function.

Don’t underestimate the power of a big glass of water right when you wake. This will awaken your skin from the inside out and help you look more refreshed. The next time you’re tired and in a hurry, start your day with some water.

 Moisturizing eye drops

This is one of the brilliant tricks that are sure to make you look instantly rested. When you’ve been up and busy for most of the night, your eyes tend to get dry which causes them to look red.

Stock up on some good eye moisturizing drops from your local pharmacy to save you from tired and bloodshot eyes. Remember to use it in moderation and follow the indicated instructions to prevent any long-term damage from excessive use.

Moisturize your skin

One of the tell-tale signs of a tired person is dull and dry skin. Your skin will sell you out even when you’ve tried other things to mask your exhaustion. It is important to get some good creams that will be able to boost your overall look. Some of the best moisturizers include ingredients such as vitamin C and mint which are known to brighten the skin.

Concealer cover up

Thank God for concealers! They come in different ranges including the colour correcting ones that do wonders. The whole purpose of concealers is to mask dark circles, discoloration and other blemishes that occasionally occur.

When you haven’t managed to get enough rest and you are well rested – you don’t have dark under eyes; apply a small amount of concealer to instantly make you look awake and refreshed.

Use rosewater

Rosewater is one of the holy grails of skin care. It contains many natural properties that hydrate and reduce fine lines on the skin. It also tightens your pores for an instant refreshed look.

Carry around a small bottle of rose water and sprits your face regularly throughout the day. You will definitely enjoy the soothing cool mist as you awaken your skin.

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