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What To Do When Your Partner’s S3x Drive Is High 



Men in most cases are believed to have high s3x drive in marriages, but women too can, also push a high s3x drive depending on several factors. Being married to someone with a low s3x drive when one has a high s3x drive can be challenging.  However, here are some of the ways to handle the matter without resorting to crisis.

Have a healthy conversation

Every couple should learn skills on how to have open trusting, and safe communication. This according to gynecologists would help in dealing with this. When you are dealing with a spouse with a higher s3x drive, an outright no can make your partner feel rejected and unwanted.

 A high sexual drive could be a result of your partner’s biological makeup, medication, hormone levels, physical activity, or his/her personality.

Do not think negatively about it

Do not see it as a bad or negative thing whether you are the low or high s3x drive partner. You are only on a different spectrum and that’s okay. Rather than pointing fingers, ask what you can do to make things better.

Reach a compromise on the matter

You can’t have a marriage without reaching a compromise.  Before marriage both of you may have to undergo counseling, and that would help in solving the problem.  

Explore good communication

Women with difficulty coping with a partner having a high s3x drive to explore communication. Similarly Men with high s3x drive should communicate with their wives effectively because some women are shy when it comes to talking about s3x.

Seek advice of s3x therapist

Sex therapists are professional in the field and their advice could go a long way in solving whatever differences the couple may encounter in their sex life when personal effort could not help.

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