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Six Ways You Can Reconcile With Your Adult Children



You can move forward after a rift with your adult children by learning new ways to build trust and respect between you and that child. Here are six ways you can reconcile with your estranged adult children.

Walk in Humility

Sometimes, parents   don’t get things right with their adult kids.  When children move into adulthood, parents can invite their children to reconcile the relationship by giving their honest opinions about specific conflicts and differences. After all, the relationship between you is often far greater than what divides you.

Initiate Change

Consider that your goal is to reconcile and restore the relationship, and not to determine who was right or wrong. If you desire the relationship to change, then be the first to work toward reconnection.

Find Common Ground

When you don’t support certain aspects of your children’s choices or how they run their family, find common ground somewhere else. You and your adult children don’t have to agree on everything, but you can agree on some things.

Choose affirmation

When parents lay aside their opinions and meet their adult children where they are, kids know they’re loved and respected as individuals. Parents need to say in their words and show in their actions:

Don’t feed the anger

Anger is natural, but not helpful. You should step back and try to understand what led to this estrangement. In their attempt to be supportive, friends and family may fuel your feelings of betrayal, inadvertently increasing your anger.

Show understanding

Try to know the adult child you have, not the child you think he or she should have been. Allow your child to get to know you. If the child still has made no contact, grieve the loss and know there is still hope.

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