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Pele Acknowledges “Hidden Daughter” In £13m Will



After years of denial, football icon Pele reportedly named his “hidden” daughter in his will. Pele had previously denied having a daughter.

Sandra Regina was distraught when her mother passed away 17 years ago since the legendary Brazilian soccer player had previously refused to admit he was her father.

The 82-year-old asked to meet with her two sons, according to Mail Online, and spoke to them in person for the first time on December 28, 2022, the day before he passed away.

The pair received a portion of his multimillion-pound estate, it has now been revealed, after he finally included Sandra as one of his seven children in his will.

Octavio Felinto Neto and Gabriel Arantes do Nascimento, her kids, claimed that their mother’s wish had been fulfilled.

According to Gabriel, who spoke to his aunts, our grandfather wanted to visit us, The Mirror quotes Gabriel as saying.

‘We were overjoyed since this was a chance we had been waiting for. Our family is no different from any other in having disagreements and disputes, yet there are times when love and unity are more vital than anything else. We are very content’.

Pele had an affair with his cleaner, Anisia Machado, and as a result, Sandra, known as the hidden daughter, who passed away from cancer in 2006, was born.

Even after a DNA test revealed he was the father, Ms. Machado tried for years to get him to acknowledge it. After a five-year legal battle, Sandra was granted permission to use Pele’s last name, Nascimento, in 1996.

Pele left behind an estate that is estimated to be worth over £13 million when he passed away last month after a protracted battle with cancer.

The football legend had two children from affairs, Sandra included, along with twins from his second marriage and three kids from his first marriage. In 1966, he wed Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi, with whom he had three children: Kelly, Jennifer, and Edson.

His mother Celeste, who is 100 years old, was ‘unaware’ that her son had passed away in the days that followed. He is also survived by his sister Maria.

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