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So What If Ganduje’s Son Contests For Reps?

By Abdulmumin Giwa



Ganduje son

Negative comments by the opposition as to why Egnr Umar Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, the son of the Kano state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, should not contest for membership of House of Representatives under the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) are absurd. 

Saying “why not” as an answer would only lead to more myopic statements, that is why I have chosen to start by saying “so what if he contests?”

Since Umar Abdullahi Ganduje emerged winner at the primaries, becoming the APC candidate contesting for House of Representatives from Tofa, Rimin Gado, Dawakin Tofa Federal Constituency, his opponents and those of his father have taken the issue personal and are reigning all sorts of malicious comments.

It is the unfortunate lack of fair reasoning that has led to people challenging and using such negative approach to woo people away from supporting him. It is not only naive but a form of exploitation of  people’s mentality. 

Abbah, as he is more popularly known, is just like any other Nigerian that enjoys all available constitutional rights as a citizen. The position of his father does not in any way relegate his right as a citizen. 

People make naive comments that the children of politicians are the same people taking over from their parents, a statement I consider as a form defeatist mentality. 

His exposure to activities of governance and active participation in a lot of political activities in Kano with his father at the top as well as his commitment to the public is what informs his decision to contest. 

The active roles he had been playing politically in the activities of APC can never be ignored because as an ambitious politician, he has carved out a nitch for himself politically. Not because his father is governor, but because he has a flair for politics. 

The implication here is that if he has the same oppurtunities without his father as governor, he would achieve the same goals or even more. 

Hence, it is more suppressive to deny him of his God given and constitutional rights to enjoy being a citizen and to serve his beloved country. 

Definitely, the performance of governor Abdullahi Ganduje in Kano in the last seven years is worthy of praises and appreciation but are unjustly overlooked and in some cases unnecessarily condemned by opposition for political whims and caprices. 

Ganduje can never be denied praises for the infrastructural developments, especially in giving Kano a better face lift and setting it on the path of becoming a mega city.

Such myopic condmnation of the expansion program of the Kano metropolis through the utilization of redundant lands need to be stopped. Indeed, the population explosion in Kano is what calls for it. 

More people have trooped into Kano due to its level of security stability from whithin and outside the state and there is need for expansion in services provision and complimentory infrastructure. The world is moving forward and Kano cannot remain redundant. 

With a governor that has a good sense of developmental progress and sound leadership qualities, political opponents have engaged themselves in demonizing whatever he does, no matter how good, forgetting that it is done in the interest of the public and not in his own individual interest.

It is the same class of people that are trying to demonize Abbah, simply because they dont like his father and not because he does not qualify to become a member of House of Representatives in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Visionary youths like Abbah who have seen it all by virtue of growing up in the midst of the system, watching and learning from experience all their life should be given such opportunities. Why didnt his other siblings come out to contest? It is because they are not blessed with his type of political valor and prowess.

Hence, Abba is one of those few youths in his constituency that have acquired practical pilitical experience and are willing to sacrifice to serve the Father land. It should not be seen as a case of inheritance. 

People should learn to seek for quality not just quantity and not to allow negativity to supersede good reasoning or naivity to be on top of intellect by allowing emotions and sentiments to decide for them.

Indeed Umar Abdullahi Umar Ganduje fits in perfectly well as the next House of Representatives member representing Tofa, Rimin Gado Dawakin, Tofa Federal Constituency.

Abdulmumin wrote from Kano.

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