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Quintuplet Babies Die After Birth, Buried In One Coffin



A bundle of joy soon turned to lamentations after a set of quintuplets were committed to mother earth on February 3, 2023, after they all died within 48 hours of their delivery.

The funeral was held at the Nakuru South Cemetery for the set of quintuplets who passed away in the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital in Kenya 48 hours after their delivery.

The five premature infants who were born on Tuesday night, January 31, passed away on Thursday, February 2. They were 25 weeks preterm, according to the doctors, which complicated their prospects of survival.

Margaret Wairimu, the mother of the infants, was still being treated for postpartum problems and trauma at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital, thus she was unable to attend the burial. The morgue at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital had kept the babies’ bodies in good condition.

The bodies of the four girls and one boy were put in one coffin and dressed brightly for burial. The babies’ father Simon Ndungu’s uncle Francis Kamau thanked Kenyans for their assistance in assisting the family during the trying time.

“We have witnessed a lot of amazing love among Kenyans. Many Kenyans came with their gifts, but sadly the kids did not make it. Kamau remarked at the graveyard. Kamau added that Wairimu, the mother of the children, required counseling and trauma-informed care.

“She has done well as a daughter-in-law. He claimed that she was severely traumatized by this catastrophe.

Daniel Wanganga, Wairimu’s uncle, expressed regret about not having the opportunity to become a grandfather to six grandchildren due to the death of the babies. Wairimu and Ndungu have a 4-year-old girl as their firstborn child.

“Even before I met them, the small babies had already left, but he remarked, “We appreciate God for bringing them into our lives, even for a little while.

Ndungu and Wairimu’s native Bahati Constituency MP, Irene Njoki said she would support the bereaved family.

“We were prepared to assist the family in caring for the kids. The fact that they are no longer with us does not alter our position. She promised in a message given out by her aide that she would continue to be there for them.

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