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Why I Feel Pressured By Other Mavin Artises – Boy Spyce 



Fast-rising Nigerian singer and Mavin artiste, Boy Spyce has shared some personal experience in the music industry.

Speaking during an interview on Cool FM, the singer opened up on the hardest part of his life since joining music, and how he feels about competition in the music industry.

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The Folake hitmaker explained that some people look down on him because he started his music career by posting freestyles on Instagram and other social media platforms.

He stated that he often gets this aura that people find it hard to accept that he is an artist.

According to him, “I’ve not said this before but I will say it anyway. Uhmm, there are some times I walk into a room and because you know I started from posting freestyles on Instagram and everything, but I’ve been with Jazzy even before that, so sometimes, I get this aura of some people are finding it hard to accept that I’m an artiste now and I have songs out now.

“So they are like it’s still this guy, like I no fall. So there are sometimes I just see it and I just, in my mind, I just be like well I just gotta keep working hard. You know, some people find it hard to just accept that this is this person.”

When asked if he felt displeased that some people do not consider him a celebrity, he replied that he did not.

Boy Spyce opined that he was already aware that some individuals might find it hard to accept him.

“No it doesn’t piss me off. I knew it was going to happen. I knew there are some people who are gonna like find it hard to accept, but I mean, if you don’t face challenges then are you really doing anything?”

Opening up about if he feels pressure from his other colleagues, the Mavin signee said:

“Uhmmm, it’s not bad pressure. It’s pressure of like yeah I can do more if this person is doing more, I can do more too. You know, they don’t have ten heads. It’s pressure that pushes you to do better.

“I am in competition with everybody and it is just the truth. So I was thinking one day, I’m like why is that everybody likes to say “I’m not in a competition, I’m not in a competition

“If you’re not really in a competition, then why is there a top 100 Apple Music chart, why are there awards then? I feel like everybody is in a competition but we are too scared to admit it. And this is the way I see it right?

“I am in a competition with everybody. It’s just like I’m in a classroom right now, I want to be the first in the class doesn’t mean that if you miss class one day and you want me to explain a Maths topic to you, I won’t. I will teach you,” he added.

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