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Seven Ways To Engage Children During Holiday



children engaged holiday

During the long break children normally remain at home for about two months and the parents are confused over how to engage them during the holiday. Here are seven ways parents can engage their children during the long holidays.


Visits to the airport, train stations, parks, cinema or zoo are profitable ways to engage children during the holiday. This gives children the opportunity to learn and unlearn outside the classroom and create memories and experiences in life.

Bedtime stories

Children enjoy having discussions and listening to interesting stories from their parents. During school days, children go to bed early so they can wake early. The holiday then offers the privilege to help extend their sleep and wake-up time.

Summer camps

Summer camps are important because it gives children the opportunity to explore, and develop social and decision-making skills among others.

Vocational skills

Learning a skill is important for children. However, children mustn’t be forced to learn skills but shown the importance and benefits of acquiring the skills.


Children can also intern at child-friendly centres. This would help them to learn valuable life skills as well as learn about the world around them. For instance, , they can volunteer for some hours as sales persons at the store of a relative or trusted person. This will help them understand the process of buying and selling and perhaps, earn some cash.

Summer school

Summer school can offer a good opportunity  to strengthen a child’s academic muscle. It is also a time to focus on specific subjects that will direct the child to their passion and career prospects.

Ask questions

Having interactions will help parents know more about their children. During this time, asking the right questions in a friendly manner will help parents learn more about their children.

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