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“Judgement Is Coming” – Singer Victoria Orenze Hits Tribalistic Christians



Nigerian gospel singer Victoria Orenze has taken to social media to warn fellow Christians about the dangers of tribalism.

In a post on her official Facebook page, Orenze issued a stern warning to those who practice tribal divide within the Christian community, stating that judgement is coming.

According to Orenze, Christians who are meant to be unified by their faith and love for God are instead divided by their tribes, which is unacceptable.

She urged them to choose whether to submit to God or their tribe and reminded them that Jesus Christ does not stand for such practices.

“Choose ye this day who you submit to God or Your tribe! A warning to those who are Christians, who are meant to be and think from Zion, but are still practising tribal divide, judgment is knocking! Repent! Jesus Christ does not stand and will not stand for such!” wrote Orenze in her Facebook post.

The gospel singer further added that God is involved in the situation and will ultimately bring unity through the fear of the Lord. She believes that the hand of God will be evident in this and that it will lead to the miracle of God.

” Nigerians be at rest, God is involved in this and when He is done one thing will unify us all and that will be THE FEAR OF THE LORD! will see THE ACT OF GOD, THE MIRACLE OF GOD AND THE HAND OF GOD! Stand still!” she wrote.

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