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Why You Shouldn’t Speak Bad About Lagos – Reno Omokri



Omokri Bakare Mohbad

Former presidential aide to Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has advised Nigerians not to speak ill of Lagos amidst the ongoing elections in the country.

According to Omokri, Lagos remains one of the best places to be in Nigeria, and regardless of the challenges experienced during elections, it is still better than where many have come from.

In a tweet, the activist noted that elections are not perfect in every state in Nigeria, and as such, Lagos should not be singled out for criticism.

He said, “No matter what you are experiencing today during #NigerianĒlections2023 in Lagos, don’t use your mouth to say things against Lagos. The reason you are in Lagos is that it is better than where you left. Elections are not perfect in every state. It is a national issue! It was worse in 2007 and gradually getting better. But even as imperfect as they are, Lagos is still one of the best places to be in Nigeria. Appreciate a land that has yielded good to you!”

He challenged those who hail from other states but now live in Lagos to reflect on the fear and insecurity they felt during elections in their home state.

“Let me give you this challenge. If you originally come from a state other than Lagos, and you now reside in Lagos, before knocking Lagos because of #NigerianElections2023, ask yourself if elections are better in the state you or your parents left to come to Lagos! Some of us come from states where we can’t even step out on Election Day because of fear. Even on non election days we dare not go out at certain times and in certain places. As a result, you moved to Lagos. Rather than appreciate it, you start to take it down with your mouth!”

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