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Why Men Should Wash Their Boxers Often



It is advised that men wash their boxers every time it is worn, or at least every three days. 

It is important to stay clean and avoid bacterial or fungal infections, and washing the underwear can help with this. Additionally, using the proper detergent can help prevent any potential allergies from occurring due to dirt or sweat build up.

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It is best for men to change boxers every day and use hot water with bleach-free detergent when laundering

How often should men wear clean underwear?

  • Men’s underwear should be washed after each daily use.
  • It should also be washed after engaging in exercise.
  • Wear fresh and clean underwear before attending a social gathering.
  • Wear clean underwear after taking a shower especially at the end of the day or in the morning.

Men need to buy underwear at least once a month, so they don’t repeat the same one or two they have everyday.

Why should men wear clean underwear?

Men expose themselves to a variety of bacteria and infections by wearing unclean, filthy underwear for two days in a row.

Yeast infections, urinary tract infections, warts, blisters, rashes, and even the risk of developing prostate cancer and acne and pubic lice are just some of the infections you might get.

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