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International Nurses Day: Common Problems Nurses Face



World nurses Day

International Nurses Day (IND) is an international day observed around the world on 12 May each year, to mark the contributions that nurses make to society.

Nurses face a lot of challenging issues in their profession, regardless of geographical location or pay grade. Here are six most common problems in the nursing profession.

Lack of enough personnel

The staffing issue is probably the most pressing issue at the moment for nurses. There are much fewer people entering nursing right now than at previous times.

Professional relationship

One of the main goals of any profession is to have a good working relationship within the team and between other departments. However,  this is lacking in the nursing profession because nurses are seen as less important  than physicians.

Patient satisfaction

No one wants to be admitted to a hospital or clinic only to be waiting even longer just to see a nurse. By the time a nurse are sent to attend to a patient, they are grumpy and disappointed in the service they are receiving.

No time to be with family

Nurses are hardly given the choice of whether they want to come in on their off days or not. This often affects them in having time to be with their families. .


Nurses must learn new strategies for documentation and keeping information. They have to learn about new programmes and new software. They must get used to using smartphones and apps in the technology era, But the new technology innovations are quite a challenge to integrate into the daily work for nurses.

Patient relationship

One of the best parts of the nursing job is getting to work with amazing patients. Some of them are for the long term and they can create a relationship with them and learn to love them. The problem comes in when they lose them, especially through death. It can be easy to get too close to patients and difficult to have to say goodbye.

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