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Yoruba, Igbo Clash After UK Ban On Students’ Families

By Onyinyechukwu Chima



Nigerian YouTuber, Emdee Tiamiyu is getting called out over a statement he made on why Nigerians migrate to the UK with the development spinning into a tribal fight between the Yoruba and Igbo on social media.

The YouTuber from Osun state who also migrated to the UK less than a year ago had claimed that most Nigerians are using the Master’s route as a ploy to gain entry into the European country.

He said ”The student route is more like an answered prayer. It is a big bracket that’s able to take a lot of people, the ordinary people. We’re beginning to see that a lot of people just hide behind the studentship. so the student thing is not real, its not like they need the degrees.”

Lots of Nigerians are upset by the Youtuber’s claim because they believe he has ruined the chances of those who genuinely planned to study in the UK.

Netizens also began to compare Emedee Tiamiyu’s manner of response with another Nigerian Doctor, Dr Emeka Okorocha who was also interviewed regarding Nigerians bringing family abroad and bashed him (Emedee) for his manner of responding to the questions asked. This has also resulted into another Yoruba Vs Igbo comments on twitter.

The claims of Emdee Tiamiyu have caused a backlash on Twitter with over 48,000 tweets; gathered the tweets;

Don’t be Emdee ,This is Emdee Tiamiyu on his way to UK in September 2022. He entered the UK with same dependent route on September 2022. Less than 9 months after he entered UK, he closed the boarder against his kinsmen and lineage with his mouth.

Airdrop global @Airdropglobal5
This Tiamiyu character should not have said that. The UK has always been skittish about immigration. This goes back to Enoch Powell and his rivers of blood speech and don’t forget was the reason why there was Brexit.

Emmanuel 𓃵 🇳🇬🇵🇹 @Hunchosct
If we begin give this pple back the hate they give us , I think it should be cool… Bcus if it were to be an Igbo man that did this , we for no dey hear now…. Any post wey dem hold an Igbo drug pusher , check the comments and u go weep..

Everything i want comes 2 me fast N easy thank you @ejb_eve
I have commented don it and I said it with my full chest. Igbo men are very intelligent smart and wise compared to yorubas. To even think that 99% of people to troop into uk are yorubas yet their brother who came as a dependent did this. Sad

👉MR RIGHT👈 @Adewalesspace
Lol, If there’s anyone in the cs trying to bring tribal comparison into this or if perhaps that is your intention for posting this, well hope you know we’ll have to grab a hand full of numbers to arrive at a conclusion, plus you didn’t need to choose his opponent for us bro, lol

Lency @Lency222
Funny enough, its someone from d tribe they detest and call all sorts of names, d tribe they claim hates Nigeria and wants to ruin it dats defending Nigeria outside whilst d man from d tribe dat loves Nigeria, from d ppl shouting Our Lagos is d one selling us out… Smh

Chimdi’s Dad – Mpa Zitar @chaigzy
This is the difference between being schooled and being enlightened while Emdee is schooled, Dr Emeka is enlightened. Well, you cant expect less from a uk trained Dr unlike some Prof wen dey turn 08 to 508 for here

Echezona Unanah @unanahechezona
Ibo mentality is way different and brilliant compared to the other counterparts..

Some-One @wande30
Omg! I just noticed this Emeka was interviewed by Nigel Farage! That’s like the toughest person you can stand against on immigration. Guy is political leader of one of the most far right parties in UK!! And @EmdeeTiamiyu was running mouth sitting opposite a neutral BBC journalist

However, Rufai Oseni a popular Nigerian Journalist has said that Nigerians do not need to victimize Emedee, because “It is shocking to think that the British government made a decision based on an interview by its broadcasting arm”, rather we should focus on the main issue on why immigration increased after 2019.

The YouTuber, however apologised to those uncomfortable with the claims he made in the interview with BBC, said he granted the interview to highlight the frustrations the Black community share. He also said that those who know him on a personal level, know he has no motive.

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