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Korra Obidi Opens Up On New Allegations Of Child Abuse



Korra Obidi, a Nigerian dancer and singer based in the US, has spoken out about a frustrating situation she’s been dealing with pertaining to allegations of child abuse.

She revealed that someone has been reporting her to Child Protective Services (CPS), which has caused CPS officials to visit her home multiple times.

Korra, who is a mother of two, explained that she stopped posting pictures of her children on social media but some people keep reporting her to CPS anyway. She’s upset that these individuals are trying to make her look like a bad mother.

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The most recent accusations were particularly serious – Korra was accused of locking up and physically abusing her own children. She’s angry and confused about why someone would make such false claims.

In her Instagram live video, Korra even cursed out the people responsible for making the false reports. Many people on social media are discussing whether it’s okay to report suspected child abuse even if the person is a public figure, and whether public figures have a right to privacy when it comes to their children. reports that the allegations of child abuse against Korra Obidi follow the discord with her former husband with whom she separated from after the birth of her second son.

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