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Nigerian Students and Twitter React to UNILAG Shocking Fee Increase




Lagos, Nigeria – In a move that has ignited widespread anger and frustration among Nigerian students and their families, the management of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) recently announced a staggering increment in tuition fees. The news broke out on Twitter, and the hashtag #UNILAGFeesHike quickly went viral, drawing reactions from students, alumni, and concerned citizens.

According to a circular shared by a Twitter user, @Ijebu__Doctor, the proposed fees revealed a jaw-dropping surge from N16,000 to over N100,000. Students without Lab/Studio use were to pay N100,750, while those with Lab/Studio use were expected to pay N140,250. The situation was even more dire for medical students, who were now faced with a staggering fee of N190,250.

The announcement sent shockwaves through the nation, as many students and their families struggled to comprehend the astronomical increase. Twitter users expressed their dismay, sharing personal stories and hardships caused by the sudden financial burden.

Pamilerin Adegoke, a concerned sibling, took to Twitter to voice her concerns, stating, “I have 2 sisters in Unilag. Their school fees just went up. School fees increased from 16k to 100,750, 21k to 140,250.” The sentiment was echoed by @TheMahleek, who lamented the impact of the hike on household budgets, “When UNILAG school fees dey around 16k, you dey collect 100k for the house. Now wey dem don increase money to 140k, how much you go talk for the house?”

Alabi @the_Lawrenz empathized with students who were already struggling to afford the previous fees, tweeting, “My prayers go to those Unilag students who couldn’t even afford the normal 16k before and have now lost hope seeing the new fees development. May God strengthen and provide for you.”

Shoemaker @Gracie_oguns highlighted the harsh reality faced by many students, stating, “The truth is, some people studying in Unilag couldn’t even afford the 16k fees. Now that school fees are 100k plus, how will they cope?”

One concerned student, Omogbonjubolanle @bambi__bambs, questioned the state of university education amid the fee hike, demanding, “All I want to know before I pay this rubbish is if they’ve left ASUU because I can’t be paying 100k and be going on a 6-month strike.”

As the situation unfolds, many are left wondering about the future of higher education in Nigeria and whether these tuition fee increases will further widen the gap between the privileged few and those struggling to afford quality education.

With emotions running high and tensions escalating, the fate of UNILAG’s tuition fees remains uncertain. As the nation holds its breath, the issue has sparked a broader conversation about the state of education and access to opportunities for young Nigerians, demanding the attention of policymakers and stakeholders across the country.

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